Month: January 2024

The Naked Truth and The Emperor’s New Clothes

Meet your business fairy godmother in her business library studying up on how NOT to the emperor with his new clothes.

Wow! I’m right on point for the naked current truth of social media in “The Emperor’s New Clothes and the Naked Current Truth.” I keep asking myself what makes an “Influencer” influential and how do you really know person “X” is a “thought leader”? I’m questioning what I see and hear lately and it’s not because of my age.

When you have a marketing background you understand what goes into creating influence. It takes imagination, repetitive positioning of your point of view, and ad spend. Let’s hope that you have the secret sauce to build awareness. Sometimes it’s the number of times you’re in front of your audience or the fact an already established “Influencer” wants to share what you’re doing or selling to validate you or your brand. Just thought I should share this for all the sheeple out here.

Your real power is understanding how a brand is built. Pay attention to the real value, the real service, and the actual quality of what you’re getting. Don’t be caught like the emperor with no clothes! If you are caught “naked,” walk proudly down the street. People will talk about your confidence and crazy. You will definitely stand out. That’s the point if you want to be recognized. It’s #justapointofview.

The Emperor’s New Clothes and the Naked Current Truth